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myIO Server DIN Touch Okoslak Kft. Okos otthon vezérlő egység. Ez a kivitel egy kalapsínre pattintható verziója a myIO okosotthon megoldásainkak. Bővebben
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Interior sensors T+RH Regmet s.r.o. The sensors are intended for sensing and correcting room temperature and humidity. They are supplied in a version with RS485 communication via the ModBus RTU protocol (HTM1 type controllers) or in a version with analog outputs (0/10V and 4/20mA - HTV series sensors). They are produced in a wide range of designs by manufacturers of installation technology, e.g. ABB, GIRA, Schneider Electric, Legrand, BTicino, Merten, Jung, Efapel, etc. Bővebben
SMD Ferrite Bead Magno Teknik s.r.o. FEATURES Low DCR, small package High current handling capacity Nickel barrier terminations provide excellent solder heat resistance Suitable for re-flow soldering Temperature stability Bővebben
xG18 Unipi technology Unipi xG18 is an extension module for connecting up to eight Unipi 1-Wire temperature sensors (RJ45 connector). For communication with the control system, the module uses the RS-485 serial interface and the Modbus RTU protocol. Bővebben
Wall controller with touch screen Regmet s.r.o. The device measures and displays the indoor temperature and relative humidity. It is equipped with a 2.3" TFT backlit color display with a touch panel. It communicates with the control system via the RS485 line via the ModBus RTU protocol (USB interface). Bővebben
Wall controllers with TFT display - type HTM1CF Regmet s.r.o. The device measures and displays indoor temperature and relative humidity. It is equipped with a TFT backlit color display. It communicates with the control system via RS485 protocol ModBus RTU (USB interface). Design options: designs by ABB, Legrand, Moeller, Schneider Electric, Vimar, BTicino, Efapel, Gira, Jung... Bővebben
RLW-THC - Indoor air quality sensor Unipi technology Unipi RLW-THC IAQ sensor is designed for measuring indoor air quality in office buildings, schools, factory halls and other similar objects. Sensor can be used to measure temperature, relative air humidity, barometric pressure, carbon dioxide concentration, volatile organic compound concentration and ambient light intensity. Broad connectivity is provided by the support of communication via RS485, Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN wireless technology. Bővebben
Patron S107 Unipi technology Unipi Patron S107 is a programmable logic controller (PLC) and gateway designed for automation, control, regulation and monitoring. The S107 is a compact model that offers a universal architecture suitable for small installations, combining digital and analog inputs/outputs. The controller also offers three serial interfaces (RS485 + RS232) for connection of extension modules and/or other gateways, and a 1-Wire interface for connection of digital temperature and humidity sensors. An extended 4-year warranty is provided for all Patron controllers. Bővebben
Gate G110 Unipi technology Unipi Gate G110 is a programmable Ethernet / RS485 Linux gateway and logic controller designed for industrial automation, building management systems and other automation projects. Thanks to sufficient computing power, software openness and favourable price this IoT platform is applicable as a data logger in SCADA or MES control systems, or in cloud services within Smart City, Smart Factory and IoT/IIoT projects. Last, but not least, the gateway also represents an easy way to modernize older installations. Bővebben
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