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eCube - electro technical products in a nutshell (cube)  

WHAT is eCube?

eCube is an Internet portal which presents electro technical products. In fact, it is a catalogue of electro technical products, which:

  1. helps producers promote their electro technical products,
  2. inspires developers to design their products.

eCube offers:

WHY use eCube?

eCube is a simple tool for:

  • free propagation of electro technical products and their producers:
    • at eCube portal,
    • in newsletter sent to more than 80 thousand email addresses,
    • at selected external technical portals in 7 languages,
  • getting access to information about new trends and technologies in the area of electrotechnics (articles, videos, reviews, ...)
  • finding inspiration - "how others do it..."
  • streamlining the development and production - why develop something that has already been developed? Maybe you will find a product at eCube which you can use as a partial component for your product.

WHO uses eCube?

eCube is designed for all the people from electro technical field.

  • Developers and technical engineers can find inspiration for development and thus make it faster and easier.
  • Merchants and marketers can find new ways to promote their products FOR FREE and find new customers.
  • Owners and managers of companies will get complex overview of products in electro technical field and it will help them find potential partners for the future cooperation.

FOR WHAT can I use eCube?

Simply put, with eCube what you get FOR FREE is:

  • help with searching for new customers also on new markets,
  • inspiration to streamline the development and production (sources and contacts for outsourcing).


Reach more than 200 000 people from the field of electrotechnics!



Would you like to have more customers? Do you want to effectively reach new potential customers? Do you plan to enter new markets in Europe? Don't you know the local channels to present your electronic products in a particular country?

Use the propagation via eCube portal!

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