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General conditions of the use of eCube portal (


1.      Introductory provisions

1.1.  Internet portal (hereinafter referred to as eCube) is an electronic catalogue of electro technical products.

1.2.  eCube portal's operator is SOS electronic s.r.o., Pri prachárni 16, 040 01 Košice, IČO: 3170 3186, registered in Trade register of District court Košice I, in sec. Sro in file No. 5791/V.

1.3.  Conditions of the use of eCube (hereinafter referred to as "Conditions") describe the mutual rights and obligations of eCube portal's operator, users and third parties for the purpose of operating and using eCube.

1.4.  For the purposes of these Conditions, user of eCube portal shall mean any natural or legal person publishing information about themselves and their products at eCube portal (hereinafter referred to as "User") and the third party refers to a person using eCube after previous approval of eCube operator for purposes other than the User.

1.5.  Products, for these purposes, shall mean a product or a service of the portal User for the propagation of which they use services and functions of eCube portal (hereinafter referred to as "Product").

1.6.  Related communication media are, for the purposes of these Conditions, all the communication channels which are used by eCube operator for the propagation of information about eCube portal, Products or Users.  It can be for example eCube operator's electronic newsletter, portals of eCube's third parties, printed journals etc.

1.7.  Component, for these purposes, shall mean any electro-mechanical component contained in Product while the component may be from the eCube operator's portfolio (hereinafter referred to as "Component").


2.      User registration and Products adding

2.1.  Condition for the use of eCube by the Users is their registration. Registration is made by filling personal details into registration form (hereinafter referred to as "Form").

2.2.  In accordance with the Act No 122/2013 on the protection of personal data (hereinafter referred to as "Act No 122/2013"), User expresses the agreement to personal data relating to him or her being processed for the purposes of adding and publishing articles, advertisements and references at SOS electronic s.r.o. website as well as other related activities by his or her eCube registration by means of filling in a Form. The approval granted shall be for an indefinite duration and it can be withdrawn only under the conditions specified in Act No 122/2013.

2.3.  After registration, the User can add his or her "Products" in form of texts, pictures and photos, videos and other related documents (hereinafter referred to as "Content") to eCube portal. All that under the condition that these are without abiding by the laws of the country in which the product is promoted and by these Conditions. User is responsible for the whole Content which he or she publishes by means of eCube portal and related communication media.

2.4.  User can register at eCube portal only once.

2.5.  Registered User can add more Products to eCube portal.

2.6.  Registration and Products adding to eCube are free of charge. The only condition for adding a Product to eCube is to mention at least one component which can be found in Product to be added. The more components the user mentions, the higher priority this Product will have in the list of other Products of all Users.

2.7.  ECube operator considers the content added by eCube User to be User's intellectual property. By registering at eCube portal the User declares and confirms that he or she is the author of Product and related Content added and that by publishing these at eCube portal and related communication channels no copyrights of third party will be violated in accordance with the Act No 618/2003 - Copyright law and other acts related to copyright (hereinafter referred to as "Copyright") by clicking into the Form edit box. Without clicking into the related part of Form, the registration will not be successful. ECube operator is not responsible for the Content added by the User.

2.8.  Section 2.7 of these Conditions shall apply mutatis mutandis to other parts of the intellectual property rights which are directly and/or indirectly related to the publishing of User's Content at eCube and related communication channels.

2.9.  There is no legal right for the User registration, neither for adding of Products and eCube operator reserves the right to reject the User registration or adding of Product to eCube also without giving reasons.


3.      Terms and Conditions of publishing

3.1.  Content will be published at eCube portal only after the approval of eCube operator at the latest within 7 working days. In order to eliminate any doubts, eCube operator reserves the right to decide, at his or her discretion, about consent to publish the Content at eCube. This consent can be denied/refused at any time. ECube operator reserves the right to change the Content after prior conversation with the User.

3.2.  By this the eCube operator warns the Users that the Content which does not correspond/relate to given topic or which is against the basic principles of morality and ethics will not be published.

3.3.  User gives the consent for an unlimited use of Content but mainly for its publishing, public distribution, processing, inclusion in the collection and public exposure throughout the time Content is published by adding the Product and the related Content.

3.4.  By adding a Content to eCube portal the User further declares that he or she is fully aware of and agrees that the Content will be available at given website at eCube portal for free.

3.5.  In the event that any of the above mentioned User's statements or the Content added by him or her proves not to be true or it violates the fair trade and competition, the User will be responsible for the potential breaches of the law or for the infringement of the rights or legitimate interests of third parties. User, by filling in the Form under the provisions of § 725 et seq. Act No.513/1991 Coll. as amended (the "Commercial Code"), simultaneously declares that he or she will indemnify the eCube operator's company for any damage/loss/harm caused by the breaking of any obligations of the User under these Conditions.


4.      Rights and obligations of eCube operator

4.1.  All texts, images and multimedia content provided at eCube portal with the exception of the Content added by the User is protected by eCube operator's, authors' of original materials and third parties' copyrights based on the contract with the operator.

4.2.  Operator declares that he or she will use his or her knowledge and skills to ensure reliable and safe operation of eCube portal.  The operator, however, does not guarantee one hundred percent functionality of services. Bringing of any claims to cover any damage caused by the use eCube is excluded.

4.3.  Operator declares that the Content and user profile added by the User is particularly, but not exclusively, intended to be used for the following purposes:

a.        eCube portal operation,

b.       eCube portal propagation,

c.        publishing the Content and user profile in related communication channels,

d.       publishing the Content and user profile in the print and electronic advertising and promotional materials issued by the Operator.

4.4.   Email address provided by users when registering in the "e-mail system" will be used by the Operator for the sole purpose of eCube portal operation and will not be provided to third parties. The purpose related to the operation of eCube means, amongst others, sending information messages related to and/or connected to the operation of eCube portal, unsolicited news related to the operation of eCube portal or to company's objects in frequency up to 4 times per month. Messages may include short promotional information from third parties.

4.5.  E-mail addresses provided by the Users in the "Public contact e-mail" will be published at the propagation of the Products. These are used as contact email for those who are interested in User's Product.

4.6.  ECube operator reserves the right, at his or her discretion and without prior warning, to remove the Content which violates the law and conditions of use, as well as block access to eCube to those users who violated the rules of use under these Conditions.


5.      Final provisions.

5.1.  User hereby acknowledges that the publication of the Content which does not comply with these Terms will not be possible.

5.2.  User hereby further acknowledges that the Operator reserves the right, if necessary, to unilaterally amend or completely change these Conditions.

5.3.  Relations established between the User and the Operator are governed by these Terms and the law applicable in the territory of the Slovak Republic, excluding its conflict-of-laws rules.


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