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RS485 repeater CLE Automazioni To regenerate the RS485 signal, increase the transmission distance, make star connections, isolate different sections of the bus. Your plant has an area of thousands of meters? With the RS485 repeater all problems are cleared. More
SCIOX Security ELEDUS s.r.o. X-ray devices can be used not only in the industry, but in field of security as well. The security situation in Europe is very bad. The prevention of the terrorist’s attacks could be this X-ray devices. You place it everywhere very easily and you can check inside of every bag or parcels only with easy one button application. We tried to design solution for easy inspection and cost-effective solution. Even the price was pressed down, the scanned area is 200 x 300 mm. Whole device is very good shielded. It meets all international safety recommendations. The operator of this device does not need any special license for operate the device. This device can be placed on every state office, banks, schools, post offices, concerts or football matches. This X-ray can be supplied by batteries. It is very helpfull when you need to use this device on public events such as concerts or sport actions. More
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