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AMEX Mini Robot II AMEX Research Corporation Technologies AMEX Mini Robot II AMEX Mini Robot II is a new, unique educational platform for building a mobile mini robot. The platform is designed in a way that provides a variety of configurations of mechanical and electronic part of the robot. It gives the possibility of creating as many as seven different versions of the chassis mounted on the same mounting boards. The change of the chassis is made by using different motors, wheels, tracks and changing their geometry and their placement on the mounting board. This new construction solution has not been used so far by other producers. Producer: AMEX Research Corporation Technologies Address: Elektronowa Str. 6, PL 15-692 Bialystok (POLAND) website: e-mail: More
Drive ASN Light ASN Plus s.r.o. It is an electromechanical drive for trolleybuses, minibuses, trams, electric buses. This drive has many advantages: - Reliability - durability - easy service - resistance to rough handling - Easy, quick adjustment and installation - the standard door closing speed of 4 seconds, but can be done in 2 seconds More
Enclosure with connectors for Gesytec Easylon IFSF USB Socket Interface Levtech Service & Production SRL This is an enclosure made for the Gesytec Easylon USB Socket IFSF Interface. We have designed this enclosure for one of our partners gas station solutions. They are using a Gesytec Easylon modul for IFSF communication with the fuel pumps at refueling gas stations. The module had a fair price, but didn’t have connectors to easily connect it to the POS and pumps, so we designed and manufactured this adapter with USB plug and three screw terminal. More
Raspberry Pi 4 passive cooler Levtech Service & Production SRL Armor Cooling Case for Raspberry Pi 4. More
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