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Axon S105 Unipi technology Unipi Axon S105 is a programmable logic controller (PLC) designed for control, monitoring and regulation. S105 represents the most universal model of the whole Unipi Axon product line, combining wide functionality with small dimensions. More
Axon S175 IQRF Unipi technology The Unipi Axon S175 is a programmable logic controller (PLC) and gateway, designed to be used as a controller for control, regulation and monitoring. The S175 model is a specialised variant featuring the TR-76D smart IQRF transceiver, allowing for interoperability with various IQRF devices. More
xG18 Unipi technology Unipi xG18 is an extension module for connecting up to eight Unipi 1-Wire temperature sensors (RJ45 connector). For communication with the control system, the module uses the RS-485 serial interface and the Modbus RTU protocol. More
RLW-THC - Indoor air quality sensor Unipi technology Unipi RLW-THC IAQ sensor is designed for measuring indoor air quality in office buildings, schools, factory halls and other similar objects. Sensor can be used to measure temperature, relative air humidity, barometric pressure, carbon dioxide concentration, volatile organic compound concentration and ambient light intensity. Broad connectivity is provided by the support of communication via RS485, Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN wireless technology. More
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